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By agreeing to the Greenethiquette Code of Conduct below, the business or organisation (referred to hereafter as the "Participant") accepts to adhere to the terms and conditions associated with this code of conduct. The person signing on behalf of a company is responsible for providing evidence of the organisation's commitment to the Greenethiquette terms.


Greenethiquette is a Business & Decision initiative. Eolas is the first company to join the scheme. Business & Decision has clearly defined a set of guidelines and measures to develop the initiative. Business & Decision reserves the right to make changes to the scheme, and commits to inform the Participant of any modifications. In case of dispute regarding any changes made to the Greenethiquette contract, the Participant has the right to terminate the agreement.


Greenethiquette is an annual subscription (free of charge). The Participant has the right to terminate the contract at any time, provided that all mention of Greenethiquette is immediately removed from their communications. The contract will be automatically renewed on an annual base, except in case of written communication to terminate it from either party. The Greenethiquette Code of Conduct will be regularly updated to meet changing standards and market practices. For each new guideline added, the Participant will be given a minimum deadline of at least one year to implement the change.


The Participant agrees to ensure the implementation of the Greenethiquette Code of Conduct at its chosen hosted service provider (service providers committing to the initiative will be hereafter referred to as Co-participants.) The terms are strictly limited to Co-participant's services for the Participant. A Co-participant will have no other communication with Greenethiquette.


The Co-participant's obligations are as follows:

- Optimise energy efficiency: the Co-participant must follow guidelines from the European Commission's Code of Conduct for Data Centres, and must provide documentation of energy output statistics.

- Optimise energy of ICT resources: Participant and Co-participant must monitor and improve server activity levels.

- Put in place recycling policies: Co-participants must operate a policy of transparency towards their clients regarding recycling policies.

- Eco-responsible sourcing: The Co-participant must commit to follow eco-efficiency standards when purchasing resources. These standards are based on suggested guidelines of associations such as Energy Star or Climate Savers Computing.

- Fair performance principal: Participant and Co-participant must assess environmental factors when drawing up service contracts.


It is the responsibility of the Participant to assure that the Co-participant agrees to the Code of Conduct and all terms and conditions. Greenethiquette provides the protocol and the measures to ensure its implementation, but it is up to the Participant to ensure that it these are carried out:

- Carefully respecting the guidelines as detailed in the Code of Conduct.

- Regularly providing evidence of eco-efficiency in performance levels.


If the Co-participant does not respect these guidelines having formally subscribed to the scheme, the Greenethiquette label may no longer be applied.


The Participant may reproduce or use the Greenethiquette name and/or logo as desired. Unless otherwise indicated by the Participant, the name of the company/organisation will be mentioned publicly and praised for its ecological initiative.


Within 20 days of filling out the following form, an email will be sent confirming participation in the Greenethiquette programme. Please keep a copy of this confirmation as it is proof of Participant status.



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