Greenethiquette - Un engagement pour des usages des NTIC éco-responsables

Equipment Selection

Sourcing Eco-friendly Material

What this means: Eco-friendly sourcing encourages businesses to consider environmental impact as a factor in decision-making regarding providers for materials and hosted services.

Issues: The Climate Savers Computing Association estimates that it is possible to reduce energy consumption of computers by 50% by subscribing to eco-efficiency guidelines : adopting best practices when  purchasing materials is a clearly highlighted as a key element to achieve it.

The Greenethiquette Commitment

As part of the eco-responsibility sourcing operation, Greenethiquette requires the host to participate in a programme such as Climate Savers Computing, (as an Affiliated member), which imposes guidelines over choice of materials.

Climate Savers Computing is presently one of the very few Green IT organisations to focus on server sourcing, knowing that hosted services are all about servers, not personal computers. Other organisations such as Energy Star or Epeat (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool,) although significant and working alongside the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, do not yet, unfortunately, extend to servers (although Energy Stars has plans in this area). In future, their suggestions will be taken up by Greenethiquette.


Becoming an affiliate member of Climate Savers Computing ?

To become associated with Climate Savers involves a commitment to buying only computers which correspond to, or exceed, the most recent specifications provided by ENERGY STAR and 80 plus. These specifications enable a business to guarantee a minimum energy loss from IT equipment (a minimum of 85% energy efficiency, which should increase to up to 92% in coming years.) Joining the organisation is open to all industries and is cost-free. Business & Decision are currently campaigning for the association to propose a partnership status aimed specifically at hosting services providers.