Greenethiquette - Un engagement pour des usages des NTIC éco-responsables

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Greenethiquette's Five Step Plan of Action

Greenethiquette puts in place guidelines for  the five main factors to consider when evaluating eco-efficiency of a hosted or cloud service provider (On-demand applications, hosted applications and web sites, cloud computing, outsourcing...). Once the provider delivers the service to its customer, Greenethiquette provides an administrative framework to monitor and improve the eco-efficiency of the service.


For each of these five domains, Greenethiquette provides facts and figures. It also provides suggested measures to take and codes of conduct, in order to monitor and benchmark the level of service . Greenethiquette encourages transparency and co-creation, to improve eco-efficiency and co-operation between the user and supplier.


Greenethiquette is a framework for governing the carbon footprint on any on-demand or hosted solution. As a user of these services, Greenethiquette assists and guides companies to enter a commitment of improved eco-efficiency with their supplier.


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Fair PERFORMANCE principle