Greenethiquette - Un engagement pour des usages des NTIC éco-responsables

Subscribing to Greenethiquette, for you and your service providers

A six-step subscription to eco-efficient operations

First Step : discover


Digital service providers can discover the benefits of IT eco-efficiency from the Greenethiquette web site.


Understanding the eco-responsibility principles that should factor in the selection of outsourced IT services encourages informed decision making. Once the provider has been selected, Greenethiquette provides eco-efficiency guidelines for service level agreements.

Second step : Subscribe

The company or organisation subscribes to Greenethiquette by signing a contract. The organisation is then a participant in the Greenethiquette initiative. This provides a framework to engage its outsourced IT Service providers in improved eco-responsibility.

Step 3 : committing your supplier to superior eco-efficiency

Backed by Greenethiquette guidelines, the participant encourages their outsourced IT Services providers to participate in Greenethiquette, engaging them as co-participant to the Greenethiquette initiative. Then, under Greenethiquette's Code of Conduct , participant and co-participants together adapt their service contracts to support eco-efficiency principles. In addition, Greenethiquette commits the supplier to adopt best practices featuring eco-responsibility measures, and to report on action and energy output figures.

As a result, Greenethiquette provides guidelines to position eco-efficiency at the core of Service Level Agreements. Greenethiquette enables an organisation to drive eco-efficiency of its IT supply chain and provides transparency to report on performance. Greenethiquette is a dynamic and continuous force for improvement, and ensures that standards are adopted from the moment of the initial contract.

Step 4 : Publicise your commitment (optional)


Greenethiquette participants may communicate publicly on their involvement, with no restrictions other than to continue to respect the code of conduct. The Greenethiquette logo may be freely published through services under Greenethiquette scrutinity (eg: web site, portal, packaged applications, software as a service...). The name and brand of those involved with the campaign will be published on the Greenethiquette web site.

Step 5: monitor and continuously improve


Co-participants (i.e those that provide outsourced IT services to participants) are required to report on a quarterly basis on their policies and eco-efficiency measures. Equally, the participant must ensure receipt of the relevant  data in order to respect Greenethiquette guidelines. Information exchanged between the provider and client remains strictly confidential between the two parties.

Step 6 : get the results


As a result of the Greenethiquette process, eco-efficiency will continuously improve: Greenthiquette guidelines will develop and improve continuously with new standards and best practice from the market. The host and client, thanks to the sharing of eco-efficiency data, are invited to explore other means of improving and to ensure that these yield results.