Greenethiquette - Un engagement pour des usages des NTIC éco-responsables

What is Greenethiquette?

ICT has a significant impact on the environment

  • ICT has a significant impact on the environment, and demands for an eco-friendly approach are constantly on the increase.


Multiplication of data centres' power usage by 1,600 from 2005 to 2025 (source Gartner).


  • Currently Green IT initiatives do exist, but primarily amongst hardware vendors, outsourcers, or hardware purchasers, rather than targeted at service editors and consumers.


However, according to an example given by Nicolas Carr, a second life avatar has the same CO2 average emissions as a Brazilian citizen. (2).



  • The exploding number of requests for On-Demand (SaaS) and cloud computing applications has created a need for ecological awareness, as users tend to ignore energy output and its effect when IT services are outsourced.


Although 97% feel it is quite, very, or extremely important, to reduce their carbon footprint, in reality, very few  take action. Currently the main three opinions on what should be done are: "conducting senior level discussion", "publishing guidelines" and "do nothing yet", which indicates that although most providers are expressing a need to take action, very few are yet taking the initiative to implement  measures. (source : Thinkecological/Rackable Systems).



Green IT initiatives : Greenethiquette fills a niche

Greenethiquette is the first charter directed to consumers of hosted and cloud services. It makes them acountable and motivates them to influence and mandate eco-efficiency from their IT service providers.

Green IT brings significant cost reductions in the long term, while using the OPex system. Unfortunately, it often needs investments in infrastructure, change management, etc. These come with CAPex, which is currently not widely implemented. Without clear  guidelines, who but the buyer of the IT outsourced services can drive change ?