Greenethiquette - Un engagement pour des usages des NTIC éco-responsables

Greenethiquette : a mandate for a clear cloud (*)


(*) Cloud computing is a paradigm of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualised resources are provided as a service over the Internet (Wikipedia). When IT services are outsourced to the cloud, they still leave behind an environmental footprint. Businesses and organisations should not transfer their eco-responsability. Greenethiquette provides guidelines for eco-responsability in a world of outsourced IT services.


Greenethiquette encourages IT users to commit to eco-responsibility guidelines where IT resources are delivered through outsourced services. Its objectives are :

  • Raise awareness by documenting impacts of digital services with respect to the environment.
  • Commit to fair energy use guidelines and adopt a permanently focused approach (with emphasis on best practice adoption, performance monitoring and transparency)
  • Influence eco-responsibility from hosted service suppliers by requesting a commitment to environmental guidelines for reporting on eco-efficiency


Greenethiquette is a charter   :

  • drafted by the digital service provider, that enforces a commitment with the hosted service provider.
  • a label that is open to all, to formalise a code of conduct : no minimum service level with the exception of basic market standards (the European Code of Conduct, ClimateSavers..) shall be requested to the parties involved.
  • a unique charter on the market as it is targeted at a new group (the consumer of the physical IT resources, rather than the provider). The charter is fully backed-up by standards, which determine the measuring elements and practices to be used. The charter defines transparency rules, ensuring energy output data is shared between the provider and the consumer.


Green Ethiquette - Eco-responsibility guidelines

What the market thinks about Greenethiquette

Independent technology-industry analyst company the451group/Tier1 Research/Uptime Institute publishes a note about Greenethiquette (access is limited to the451group customers)

The Green IT review publishes a review on Greenethiquette


The European Commission publishes the list of participants to the EU of conduct for eco-efficient data centers.

Towards an eco-efficiency label for servers ? EPA is submitiing a  specification proposal

Awareness is there, but action is still lacking : this is what this  Think Ecological Study highlights when analyzing Green IT practices from Internet and e-commerce players